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Thai Coyote Dancers

6 Different Grades Of Thai Hired Guns and Working Girls You May Meet

Initially I never knew about this. Neither did I know that Thai women also classify other Thai “Working Girls” differently. But apparently, there are different grades of Thai Working Girls out there that you may meet.

Why It’s Important To Identify The Different Grades Of Thai Hired Guns And Working Girls?

Men come to Thailand from all corners of the globe each year in droves, running away from a reality, or in search of a better life. In many cases that itinery also includes landing a hot Thai babe, or a cute one. But coming to the shores armed with just a few phrases from Berlitz, or worse… the in-flight magazine is not going to help you pick up girls in the day time. Hence, foreign men, or “farang” flock to the bars, pubs and places of pleasure to “settle in” and meet some Hired Guns and Working Girls along the way.

There’s really no intention to label anyone. But many “Sad Bastards” settle WAYYY too early. To whoever’s reading this post, and you’re new to Thailand, I hope to show you guys what’s out there. If anything at all.. just go out and let loose, have fun, and do some NSAs if you will.

“Thai Hired Gun” – An attractive Thai woman engaged by nightspots to show men fake IOIs to increase their spending at the joint.

“Thai Working Girl” – A Thai woman who has sex with her customers in the line of her work. A more socially description than “hooker”.

Some definitions include “Thai Hired Gun” under the “Working Girl” umbrella. It’s really hard to generalize, girls join these professions for different reasons. Many come from the poorer regions around Issan or Chiangmai, and in many cases might have children or a family to feed, but there are also young middle class and low-middle class city-born girls who just want a faster, easier way to making their bucks for a better lifestyle than what the average Thai wage can afford.

Just to set the record straight, NOT ALL Thai Working Girls sleep with men on the job. For some of them, it’s a matter of their choice and your charm.

Types of Thai Working Girl

Pattaya Beach-Side Hoes

I HOPE none of you are actually into these ones. The trampiest of the lot. Possibly the riskiest also. Short-time goes for as low as 200. Quality is SHIT. It’s like the reject store. If you meet any fine lasses here, you better be suspicious. Some are even known to steal and flee while you’re in the bathroom. Unless you’re on a shoe-string budget, steer clear of these. Fairly often, another thing to note, your beach-side hotel’s security might even refuse their entry because of their slack dressing. Oh! And I almost forgot, Ladyboys try blending in over here too.

Massage Parlour Girls

Nope. Not talking about the clean massage bars around your hotel block that charge 150-200 baht per hour, but more like the ones along Ratchada, Bangkok, or the ones in Pattaya with billboards of topless women in hot tubs you can’t miss. I’m talking the kinda place where you’ll USUALLY be propositioned “you want happy ending?” Ultimately a massage parlour, they need to know massage, and there are body types more suited to this than others… if you get what I mean.

Generally mid or late-twenties and up, some may be even early 40s, but don’t look a day over 28! Certainly, there are gems among these, and young ones too, but for most part, if they looked any better, they’d be in any of the next categories I will be describing to you. Nonetheless, here’s another joint, with a higher price-point and better selection in Pattaya.

Karaoke Girls

Generally,  better looking than the MP girls. There are typically 3 kinds of Karaokes. Thai Karaokes, Japanese Karaokes and Korean Karaokes. The standard of girls is not necessarily better in the Japanese or Korean karaokes despite higher prices – it’s just that they bothered to take time to study a different language. The larger Thai Ktv venues have a performance stage where the girls can entice lone rangers sitting at the lounge. At other joints, the girls sit outside and wait to be picked to go to one of many private rooms. Singing isn’t one of their talents. At least, for most part. Check this out.

Girls working in Karaokes aren’t mandated to having sex with their customers, and they usually indicate this with a badge or ribbon. The mamasan will usually tell you as well. Usually, this means that the furthest they would go is a handjob or blowjob. For those who’re “off-limits” – THERE IS A WAY! If there’s chemistry, you might be able to take them out after hours to a disco or supper and see where that leads. Of course, you can also pay an early-release fee to the ktv, but it’s not something I’d do on a first meeting.

Stripclub Agogo (Go-Go-Bar) Dancers

Hot bodies. Top-less in many bars. Generally quality is way better than those in US and Mexico. But when the lights come on, most have very plain jane faces. See what I mean here.

Thai Strip Club Girls | Bangkok Nana Plaza Go Go Bars - GirlsGirlsAsia.com

Thai Strip Club Girls | Bangkok Nana Plaza Go Go Bars – GirlsGirlsAsia.com

It’s all good if you think it’s all good. I’m rather picky, and you should be too. In these places, bar-fine ALMOST ALWAYS means that sex is on the cards. I haven’t really found a way with these girls. I suppose some could try to repeatedly call out the same girl to built rapport, but I haven’t bothered to.

Thai Disco / Night Club Coyotes

HOT BODIES. You can see some of them in this post, dancing to the dance beat by those heavily audio-modded  pickup trucks. They are also the ones who dance on podium or stage in bars and clubs.

You’ll find more videos of them in THIS BLOG POST.

Coyotes generally aren’t as pretty as the “Pretty”, and in you can usually take them out after hours or pay a “bar fine”. I rank them over the previous categories because they don’t necessarily have to have sex with customers.

Thai Pretty & MC

I’m lumping these two in one category because I’m kinda getting tired of typing, and also because they’re very similar. Actually neither of these two fit in with this article because they’re neither working girls nor hired guns. They’re not there to directly increase your spend.

At the motor shows, the Pretty are the lasses gracing the cars, while the Coyotes are the ones prancing on the back of the trucks in the outdoor area. It’s quite a divide.

MCs are the ones creating buzz at the road shows and shopping mall stages. Many of them are above-average looking.

If we go into the specifics of Pretty and MCs, once again there’re many different grades depending on factors like looks, elegance and experience. The daily payscale ranges from 2,000-baht to 100,000 baht.

Here’s one interview with a Pretty Bombshell

These are also the ones that I mentioned earlier that come from rather clean backgrounds and just want a free-er, alternative lifestyle to the norm. Probably your best prospect of having a decent relationship, but just keep a watch that you’re not just one of many suitors, “pua noi” (mini-husband) or “giks” (Thai for flings) – more info on that in the coming posts.

For Pick Up Artist Advice on picking up Hired Guns and Working Girls, check out THIS POST!

Hot Thai Babes from the AngelWitch Gogo Bar, Walking Street Pattaya - GirlsGirlsAsia.com

Hot Thai Babes from the AngelWitch Gogo Bar, Walking Street Pattaya – GirlsGirlsAsia.com

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